Our story

Little Silk Stories is a contemporary brand offering simple yet elegant saree collections for all occasions. Founded by a French-Indian couple, we aim to showcase the heritage of Indian craftsmanship worldwide.

Our sarees are sourced from all over India directly from the weavers. This provides weavers a fair trade, allows us to ensure the best quality, and reduces the price for the end customer by eliminating intermediaries.

Sarees are versatile, pure and feminine. Each saree has its own story and every woman relates to it in her unique way.

We are on this journey to make your online experience hassle-free and provide you with exclusive collections.

About the founder

Little Silk Stories was founded in 2020 by Vyshnavi Culan, a fashion enthusiast, who grew up in France being influenced by a blend of South Asian and Parisian styles. Her trips to India inspired her to showcase the diversity of Indian handloom worldwide. Her previous experiences in the fashion industry as a buyer sourcing from many international brands set her up to launch Little Silk Stories.

"At Little Silk Stories, the quality of materials is key, followed by minimalist and vintage designs."

"When you buy a saree, you buy a craft that you can pass on to your children and grand children. It is unique, graceful and precious."